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De La Salle is currently accepting transfer applications for the spring of 2024.  

There are selective openings in the class of ‘25, ‘26 & ‘27. Availability varies by grade level and all are encouraged to apply. Mid-year transfer applications are due December 1, 2023. Decisions are released to families on December 7, 2023. There is no set deadline for fall transfer applications because decisions are made as space becomes available in each class. 然而, students who apply before February 16, 2024, will have priority consideration over those who apply later in the year.  



September 21, and 26.
October 3, 5, 17, 19, 24, and 26. November 8, 9, 16, 28, and 30.



Thursday, October 12, 2023
6-7:15 pm




Sunday, November 5, 2023



  • 完成我们的在线课程 应用程序 and send a photocopy of both the applicant's birth certificate and immunization record.
  • Pay our 应用程序 Fee ($100/$125, depending on when you apply). After payment is made you will receive an email from Finalsite that prompts you to submit the following requests and documents: 
    • Submit your transcripts. High school grades are required of all transfer applicants from 9th grade upward.
    • Sign and submit the Parental Release Form to your current school.
    • Obtain recommendations from your current Principal/Counselor, and your 英语 and Math teachers.
    • Complete the Student and Parent Questionnaires.

Financial Assistance

For families inquiring about financial aid, please be advised that our incoming freshmen and returning students take precedence regarding the allocation of funds. The financial aid deadline is February 12, 2024.

Decisions are released on a rolling basis because they are tied to availability in each class. 然而, we will strive to notify all priority applicants (those who apply by February 16, 2024年3月15日, 2024.

Feel free to contact the 澳门巴黎娱乐赌场注册 Office if you have any questions at or (925) 288-8102.

Athletic Eligibility

As part of the admissions process, a prospective transfer student to De La Salle should always consider his ability to be eligible for participation in interscholastic sports. While not every transferring student will desire to compete athletically at De La Salle, he should be aware of the rules that govern his eligibility/ineligibility once he enrolls in the school. The North Coast Section (NCS) of the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) has a very detailed process 对于一个thletic eligibility that every applicant should review prior to making a formal decision about moving to De La Salle: Additional information can be found in the 澳门巴黎娱乐赌场注册即送节 我们的网站. Please note that the NCS reviews eligibility on a case by case basis. De La Salle’s athletic staff does not have the ability to make decisions on a student’s behalf.