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De La Salle High School







学生 working in the 学习中心


Our De La Salle 学习中心 is a unique space designed under the premise that every student has unique learning needs. 像这样, it rejects a “one-size-fits-all” model and instead offers a variety of options for student success. The goal is to help students assess, 识别, and advocate for their individual needs while developing the practical and academic skills that they need to enter college.

这是一种欢迎, 舒适的, and 安全 environment for intellectual exploration, and is operated by a dedicated team of 工作人员 and volunteers. Onsite there are three conference rooms, a number of office spaces, 安静的房间, and twenty carousel stations.

All students are invited to use the 学习中心 to form study groups, work on homework assignments, and get assistance from tutors.

Hours (unless otherwise noted):
星期一至星期四: 早上8点到下午5点
星期五 早上8点到下午3点


Shaping the lives of young men through faith, education, love, and guidance…

Every day our 学习中心 Study offers students the opportunity to receive tutoring from professional adult tutors who are trained to work with students of all skill levels and learning styles. This tutoring happens in both individual and group sessions. 

We also contract with our National Honor Society students to provide academic support through 30-minute tutoring sessions. NHS students at De La Salle are sophomores, juniors, and seniors with over a 3.5 cumulative GPA who have demonstrated both academic success and strong leadership skills.

学生 are able to take advantage of tutoring by either scheduling an appointment in advance, or dropping into the 学习中心 after school, Monday through Thursday. (There is no tutoring available after school on 星期五s).

辅导 may also be requested by teachers, parents, counselors, and coordinators.



Shaping the lives of young men through faith, education, love, and guidance…

Spaces in our 学习中心 are available before/after school, as well as during lunch, to students who require a quiet, supervised setting to successfully complete school assignments.



Shaping the lives of young men through faith, education, love, and guidance…

In order to streamline testing for our teachers and counselors, the 学习中心 also serves as a 测试 Center throughout the day for any makeup testing (and testing accommodations) that need to be administered outside of the classroom.


规则 & 政策

We encourage students and parents to become familiar with the following rules and guidelines for the 学习中心. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. 乔恩·诺福克.

学习中心 Staff

乔恩·诺福克 Headshot_22-23
Mr. 乔恩·诺福克

学习中心 Coordinator
(925) 288-8111

Mr. 肖恩·布里斯托尔

Learning Needs Coordinator
(925) 288-8104

Adlao_Garth Headshot
Mr. 中庭Adlao

Bishop Cummins Scholarship Coordinator
(925) 288-8150

Eidson_terry Headshot
Mr. 特里Eidson

Bishop Cummins Program Staff